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Yakuza 4 Has Ramen Too

Hey Sega! Ramen and curry are fine and all. But where's the Pocky tie-up?


Following up on yesterday's Matsuya announcement, Sega announced today a tie-up with food giant AceCook for Yakuza 4.

AceCook will release a Yakuza 4-branded instant ramen called Kyushu Ichibanboshi: Noukou Kuromayu Tonkotsu Ramen. The ¥220 instant ramen will go on sale on March 22, just after Yakuza 4's March 18 release.

Sega describes the ramen item as the result of a tie-up with ramen shop Ichibanboshi. This ramen shop only exists in the Yakuza world. You'll be able to visit the in-game shop for a sub story telling how the real world product came to be. It gets a bit more twisted than that, as the in-game shop manager is based off the actual person who managed development of the ramen product.

Yakuza followers will recognize all this from nearly identical promotions Sega held for Yakuza 3 and Yakuza Kenzan. The resulting ramen product is different here.

As with the recent Pronto tie-up, Sega released some screenshots that look similar to screenshots shared when the promotion was announced for Yakuza 3:

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