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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Originally MGS5

Kojima Productions PR manager reveals a secret about new PSP Metal Gear Solid's history.


Kojima Productions PR manager Jiro Oishi has started up a new "MGS PW Making" column at the Kojima Productions blog. In the first post, in addition to apologizing for that brilliant pre-E3 teaser site back from when Peace Walker was first announced, Oishi reveals a pretty important bit about Peace Walker's history.

The following is a top secret piece of development material from Peace Walker's past:

And here's a logo design from when the game was in the planning stages:

Notice the "5" after the Metal Gear Solid? According to Oishi, at the very start of development, one of the concepts Kojima Productions had for the new game was to make it Metal Gear Solid 5.

You might remember a "5" appearing in the background of the pre-E3 2009 countdown. This is where that particular character comes from.

Oishi says that although the number is no longer there, he believes the game's content has become the highest level of the series' numbered titles.

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