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God Eater: Half a Million Gods Eaten

Director Yoshimura hints at updates. New mission pack hits tomorrow.


Namco Bandai Games announced today that PSP's God Eater has topped the 500,000 mark in units shipped. The game was released on February 4.

This feat should come as no surprise. Since release, God Eater has topped the Media Create weekly sales charts. The game's demo version continues to be a popular download even post release, having now topped the 1.7 million download mark.

God Eater offers a similar gameplay experience to Capcom's hugely successful Monster Hunter series. Players play as "God Eaters," a special force that must fight giant beasts known as Aragamis. Like Monster Hunter, the game offers four player ad-hoc cooperative play and downloadable missions.

In commemoration of this shipment feat, God Eater director Kou Yoshimura delivered a message to fans. In the message, Yoshimura said that the development staff is receiving a number of opinions, and even complaints, from players. Using feedback, they plan on "Making God Eater 'further' evolve via whatever means possible."

He also said to expect a large number of download missions that reflect the content players want. One such mission, Mission Pack 1.2, hits tomorrow. Titled "Senritsu no Kyojin," this mission puts players up against an Aragami known as Poseidon. Using materials gathered in this hunt, players can create items that were created in collaboration with the Dengeki series of magazines.

In its shipment and mission notice today, Namco Bandai also included reminder about the God Eater soundtrack's impending release Set for March 3 release through Avex Marketing, the ¥3,500 two disc God Eater Original Soundtrack features 56 songs, including unused arranged BGM and full versions of the "Over the clouds" and "my life" theme songs. Also included is a new voice drama from the game's voice acting staff.

The first press run of the soundtrack will include a sticker from artist Shuji Sogabe, shown here:

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