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Date Set For Xbox 360 Monster Hunter Frontier

Monster Hunter MMO arrives in June. Beta program also detailed.

Monster hunting goes HD on consoles in early summer.

Capcom got a bit more specific with its Monster Hunter Frontier plans in this week's Famitsu. The magazine reported final release and beta details for the Xbox 360 version of the MMO Monster Hunter.

The 360 version will be released on June 24. Players will have to purchase the game at retail like a regular Xbox 360 title. Pricing for the disc is set at ¥6090.

Actual play service won't start until July 7. For the two weeks following release, the game will be in an open beta state. Anyone who's picked up the game will be able to play for free. Capcom, meanwhile, will be testing their servers and preparing for the July 7 rollout.

On July 7, the game will become a pay experience. Those who took part in the open beta will be able to retain their character status and items.

For some, the Xbox 360 Monster Hunter experience will begin a bit earlier. Capcom will hold a closed beta in mid May in order to test out bugs and so-forth. Just how you'll be able to take part in the closed beta is not specified in the magazine.

The magazine isn't totally clear on this, but it seems that the version of the game that's due for release on June 24 is known as the Monster Hunter Frontier Online Beginners Package. This includes a coupon with a code that can unlock 30 free days play time. Also included are 13 in-game items, including weapons and item sets.

Capcom is also reading a first print run bonus for the game. This is also an in-game weapon.

Microsoft will be backing Capcom up with some hardware. Set for release on the 24th is the Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600: Monster Hunter Frontier Online Special Edition. This ¥1,050 keyboard will include an in-game item as a bonus.

Pre-orders for Monster Hunter Frontier will kick off on the 26th.

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