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White Knight Chronicles Teams with Dengeki PlayStation

The Fake Dengeki Knights are causing a ruckus. Team with the real knights to take them out. No badmouthing Famitsu now!


Sony's latest White Knight Chronicles quest is the game's second tie-up with the editors of Famitsu rival gaming publication Dengeki PlayStation.

The quest is titled "Nise Dengeki Kishidan," or "Fake Dengeki Knights." A band of knights pretending to be the Dengeki Knights are causing trouble. You'll have to team up with the real Dengeki Knights to take them out.

Sony is also distributing a couple of new weapons. These can be made using materials you acquire on the Dengeki quest.

Joining the Dengeki quest tomorrow, Sony will be re-releasing a couple of older quests, "The Grippers that Fled into the Wilderness" and "Drama of the Gods" (these are my rough translations of the Japanese names). These two can be downloaded through March 11.

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