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Latest Winning Eleven Arcade Game Hits Today

Control the action with your PlayStation 3 controller.


The latest Winning Eleven arcade title at long last hit arcades today. Visit your local game center, and you may find Winning Eleven Arcade Championship 2010 available for play.

Arcade Championship 2010 is the latest entry in the arcade Winning Eleven series, and a followup to Arcade Championship 2008. The game retains many of the features of that title, including nationwide online play and the ability to use PlayStation 2 controllers. PlayStation 3 controllers are supported as well here, although only in some cabinets.

Outside of a major leap in visuals, updates include 300 added motions, the ability to dribble in all directions, and an update in team count to around 230.

New systems include the Icon Chat System for simple communication during matches, and a Real Time Player Substitution system which lets you specify player substitutions whenever you like. These systems use the game's touch screen.

The game also includes a Tag Play mode. Two players can use two cabinets to control a single team together. Following the match, the game gives you a "Sychro Rate," indicating your compatibility.

Konami will be holding an in-game tournament using the Competition Mode to coincide with the UEFA Champions League tournament. The schedule for the in-game tournament is being worked to match the real tournament.

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