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Alan Wake Domestic Release Date Set

Microsoft finalizes release date and limited edition content.

The long awaited Xbox 360 adventure title sees release in just a couple of months.

The Alan Wake release dates Microsoft announced at its "X10" press event in San Francisco earlier this month concerned just the international versions of the game. Today, the company shared final Japanese release information.

Alan Wake will be released here on May 27, putting it a week behind the European and North American releases. Pricing for the game's standard version is set at ¥7,140.

Microsoft is also readying a Limited Edition. This appears to be similar to the overseas limited edition and will include the following:

  • Special hard cover package
  • 144 page special book called "The Alan Wake Files"
  • Limited edition audio disc with the game's soundtrack and score
  • Limited edition bonus disc with themes, avatars and documentary footage.

The Limited Edition version will sell for ¥8,190. Only 9,999 units will be produced.

The limited edition bundle.

Microsoft is holding a pre-order bonus campaign for the game. Those who pre-order either version will get a download card that can be used to download an "I Am Awake" avatar t-shirt and an Xbox Live Theme. The theme differs from what's included on the LE's bonus disc.

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