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Capcom Alters Monster Hunter Frontier Pricing Offer

Free Xbox Live Gold Membership offer will miss launch. Company unsure if Gold Membership is required.

Hunters everywhere are confused.

Coinciding with today's formal announcement of Monster Hunter Frontier's Xbox 360 release date and pricing, Capcom announced a major change to its usage fee setup for the game.

Back at the game's announcement last month, Capcom said that players would be able to purchase a set consisting of a one month "Hunters Life Course" ticket and one month of Xbox Live Gold Membership. Pricing for the set was announced as ¥1,400.

According to Capcom, Microsoft is taking longer than expected in readying its systems for this offer, and so the set will not be available when Frontier begins service in July.

In place of the set, Capcom will initially sell the one month Hunters Life Course tickets on their own for the originally announced ¥1,400. The month of Gold membership will not be included.

Capcom states that Microsoft is hard at work in its preparations for offering the set. An announcement will be made once an offer date has been finalized.

To add even more confusion to the matter, Capcom states that it's not sure if players will need to have Gold Membership in order to play Monster Hunter Frontier Online. It's currently investigating if it's possible for Silver Members to play.

As previously announced, all copies of Monster Hunter Frontier Online will include a one month Hunters Life Course ticket. Additionally, Capcom and Microsoft will be throwing in a month of free Xbox Live Gold Membership. This means that there won't be a problem for anyone in the first month.

After the first month, assuming Gold Membership is required, it's possible that some players would have to pay a total of ¥2,200 to play -- ¥1,400 for the Hunters Life Course ticket, and ¥800 for a month of Gold Membership. However, Capcom says that it's setting things up so that the actual price to play will not cross the ¥1,400 mark.

Aside from that, everything seems to be going just swell for the Xbox 360 version of Monster Hunter Frontier Online.

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