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Yakuza 4 Demo Hits Next Week

Sample story and battle sequences. Oh, and the hostess club part too.

Sample ping pong and more in the Yakuza 4 demo.

Series director Toshihiro Nagoshi hinted at a Yakuza 4 demo via his blog a couple of weeks back. That demo will hit on the 5th, Sega announced today.

Players will be able to select from two modes: Story Mode and 4-Type Battle Mode.

Battle mode offers a set of battles using the game's four main characters. Players will be able to see how the characters differ.

Story mode gives you control of Shun Akiyama, the first character you control in the game proper. You'll be able to try out the beginning of his story.

Those wanting to try out some of Yakuza 4's side offerings will be able to do so in the story part of the demo. This part includes karaoke, game center, hostess club and onsen sequences. The game center gives you access to Answer x Answer, UFO Catcher and a shooting game. The hostess club sequence is set in the JewL club. The onsen sequence lets you play ping pong with a hostess.

The full Yakuza 4 hits on March 18.

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