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Metal Gear Solid 4 Multiplatform Rumors and Cost Reports Denied in One Tweet

Kojima Productions controls the misinformation on its official Twitter.

This looks great. But 60 million dollars great?

Japanese tweets, like English tweets, are limited to 140 characters. You can still get quite a bit through in those 140 characters, though, as evidenced at the Kojima Productions Twitter today.

Writes Kojima Productions' Kenichiro Imaizumi:

"Recently in the news, it's been written that MGS4's development costs crossed 5 billion [yen], or 7 billion. It didn't cost that much. If it did cost that much, it would have been multiplatform. But, of course, the data can't fit."

The stuff about the development costs appears to be in reference to a report that recently surfaced listing the top ten costliest video games. This report listed MGS4 as the 5th costliest game of all time at $60 million.

So, in one Tweet, we have a denial of the cost report and a denial of any lingering multiplatform rumors. Good job, Imaizumi! You're today's top tweeter. You're much better at tweeting than your boss.

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