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SNK Playmore Celebrates Neo Geo's 20th Anniversary

Visit new special site for a nostalgic look back at the system made you try to get a job at Software Etc. but they wouldn't give you a job because you were only 14 those bastards!


The Neo Geo platform turns 20 this year. SNK Playmore has kicked off the celebratory festivities with the opening of the Neo Geo Musuem anniversary site.

Visit the site for a history of the Neo Geo platform, a title catalogue, scans of a handful of ads, and t-shirt sales. The whole site, including the lengthy history section (produced by Arcadeia magazine), is available in English.

The site also contains a blog. In the first post, Professor Neo Geo shares some memories of the platform, then promises to, in the future, take up discussions regarding the platforms and its various titles.

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