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Now Covering: Xbox 360 Shoooooooooooting Festa

All the latest shoot 'em up news, straight from Microsoft's Akihabara event.


Two genres that Microsoft holds a tight grip on here in Japan: shmups and gal games. They don't seem to be boasting about the latter too much, but the shmups are about to see their second special event.

Microsoft will host the Xbox 360 Shoooooting Festa! 2010 event in Akihabara today. This festival of arcade style shooters (and After Burner Climax) will span the afternoon, from 12:30 to 17:00. Attendees will be able to sample upcoming titles like Ketsui Extra and KOF Sky Stage. Reps from 5pb., Sega and Cave will host stage events and may even make some announcements.

Similar to our coverage from AOU, we've set up a special page for this event. Access the Xbox 360 Shoooooting Festa! 2010 event page for event details, links to articles and galleries, and even links to external sites so that you can see how the Japanese media cover the event.

We'll also be posting updates straight from the event floor using "technology" (just an iPhone and a Twitter account). Be sure and keep up with the happenings via the event flash report page. Or, if Twitter is your thing, you'll see all the updates at the Andriasang Twitter feed.

While waiting for updates to starting coming in, see our coverage from the 2008 installment of the event which featured a DoDonPachi tournament.

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