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First Look: BlazBlue Continuum Shift Bonus Goodies

A tiny Noel Nendroid joins a drama CD. Plus, the latest on the game's story mode.


Arc System Works shared first details on its BlazBlue Continuum Shift limited edition during the BlazBlue podcast last week. Today, it provided a first look and announced even more bonus goodies.

The single print run limited edition for the Xbox 360 and PS3 fighting port includes the following content:

  • Special gift box
  • Super picture Label
  • Script replica (mini size version)
  • Nendroid Puchi figure for the Noel character
  • BlazBlue visual book

The book includes character illustrations from a variety of artists including Kinu Nishimura, Rei Hiroe, and Haruhiko Mikimoto. Other contributors will be announced in the future.

Of these items, Arc has provided a glimpse of of the design for the Nendroid figure.

The limited edition runs ¥9660, up some from the ¥7,140 of the standard version.

Pre-orderers of either version of the game will get a BlazBlue drama CD. This one has a picture label of its own, shown here:

Outside of the limited edition information, Arc provided a few additional details on the game's various modes. Here's some of what you'll be able to select for your CS play sessions:

Story Mode
Similar to the first BlazBlue home version, the home version of Continuum Shift has a robust story mode. There will be over 28 stories telling the aftermath of the arcade version's ending along with the truths that could not be shared in the arcade version.
Beginner Mode
This mode lets you perform combos and even your Distortion Drive move by simply pressing a button over and over.
Learn everything fro the basics of 2D fighting to BlazBlue-specific systems. This mode is fully voiced, with narration by Rachel voice Kana Ueda.
This mode offers missions for each character. You'll find over 300 in all.
This mode was first added for PSP's BlazBlue Portable. Your goal is to defeat all the enemies who are positioned about a map. Once you've defeated an enemy, you can choose to turn it into an ally.

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