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Gametech Delivers Environmentally Friendly Peripheral... Boxes.

They're kind to the planet, and make you happy!


Gametech's latest peripherals are kind to the planet. And they make you happy. So says Gametech's press release announcing the Ecola: Life series.

Have you ever seen a press release with so much green and blue?

The Ecola: Life series has the theme of environmental awareness and life. It doesn't seem like you're going to be getting an actual environmentally friendly peripheral, though. The press release only boasts about carbon savings on the packaging.

The company says that it has switched to environmentally friendly materials for the packaging, and has thus managed to reduce the packaging weight compared to the packaging for other products. This leads to reduced CO2 emissions for transport.

It also says that it has managed to reduce product cost to users by fine tuning the package and product specifications.

Round one of the Ecola: Life series will kick off on March 2 with the following 12 items:

  • Ecola HDMI Cable (PS3/X360): ¥1,659
  • Ecola D Cable (PS3/PS2): ¥1,764
  • Ecola S Video + AV Cable (PS3/PS2/PS/PSone): ¥924
  • Ecola USB Cable (PS3/PSP): ¥504
  • Ecola D Cable (Wii): ¥1,764
  • Ecola S Video + AV Cable (Wii): ¥1,764
  • Ecola Semi Hard Pouch (DSi/DS Lite): ¥819
  • Ecola Soft Pouch (DSi/DS Lite): ¥609
  • Ecola D Cable (PSP3000/2000): ¥1,869
  • Ecola Semi Hard Pouch (PSP3000/2000): ¥819
  • Ecola Soft Pouch (PSP3000/2000): ¥609
  • Ecola Ear Phones (DS/PSP): ¥609

A portion of the proceeds from sales of the items will go to the Green Fund, a charity that promotes environmental awareness.

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