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First Look: Vanquish

Take control of main character "Sam" in Shinji Mikami's new game.


Famitsu got the first word on Shinji Mikami's Vanquish in its latest issue. For a summary of that report, see this story.

In typical fashion, Famitsu.com followed through with a first online look at the game. The Famitsu.com story includes most of the screens that are in the Famitsu print story (I've included here official versions of these that were later released by Sega). But different from the print version, which consisted of a lengthy interview with Mikami, the online version is based off a press briefing that Sega held on February 23 with Japanese and overseas media.

Mikami and producer Atsushi Inaba were in attendance at the briefing. Mikami is the guy in blue in the pictures at the site. Inaba is not pictured.

The event began with a greeting from Inaba, who who described Vanquish's genre as "shooter," but also made note of its strong feel of action, fast pace and "high play tension." These comments are similar to comments made by Mikami in his Famitsu interview.

The term "shooter" is in reference to FPS (first person shooter) and TPS (third person shooter) games. In this case, the action seems to take place from behind the character's back. The site notes that this is a new challenge for Mikami, who's known for his action games.

Mikami conducted a demo play session for the press, controlling the main character, whose name the Famitsu.com article reveals to be Sam. Sam wears body armor which he designed himself. Mikami described the armor as "light as cotton, but extremely strong."

The start of the demo session placed Sam in the company of a number of NPCs (non-player controlled characters). These NPCs support Sam, and Famitsu noted that their movements look so smooth that it's like they're being controlled by another player.

The demo session showed off the "Boost" mechanics which help give the game its sense of speed. Boosting, according to the Famitsu report, makes the character slide around, speeding up to confront enemies, or quickly hiding being obstructions. The site describes the gameplay as "move quickly, take out enemies, then hide," different from the image of slow progress one has from typical shooters.

A later demo session held by the development staff's top player was set in a giant space ship and showed some flashy scenes, including futuristic cars being blown away by bomb blasts. The demonstration also showed what appeared to be a boss fight, pitting Sam against a creature many times his size. This creature could transform into a two legged robot form.

The international press was also invited to this event, so we can probably expect first hand impressions, as well as higher resolution screens, to follow.

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