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Hostess Candidate Performs Yakuza 4 End Song

Receive you the ballad? Receive you this punch in the face!


Hey Yakuza fans (fans of the game, not the institution) -- remember this lady?

That's Kana Mizuki, one of the 16 girls who made it through the initial screening in Sega's hostess hunt last year. She didn't make the final cut, but she will be playing a major role in the game.

Sega announced today that Yakuza 4's ending song, "Receive You The Ballad," will be sung by Mizuki. You can hear Mizuki sing a portion of the song at the Yakuza 4 hostess special site.

The "Receive You the Ballad" ending song is actually a version of the opening theme song from the original Yakuza. The song has been arranged into ballad form for Yakuza 4, but as you can see, the name has not been arranged into English.

In other Yakuza developments, Sega shared today a a bunch of screens from the game's prologue sequence, focusing on two heroes, Taiga Saejima and Shun Akiyama.

I've included here the shots that show characters pointing guns at the screen or breaking objects over other characters heads.

If you want all the Japanese language details accompanying the screens, see 4gamer for Sega's text or Impress Watch for a summary.

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