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Sweet Mega Man 10 Promotional Goods

Soundtracks, mock box art, downloads, candy and more for the retro-styled sequel.


Japan may have to wait a bit for Mega Man 10/Rockman 10, but Capcom is giving players here some "sweet" ways to celebrate the March 9 release.

Joining the recently announced Rockman Drops and Rockman Cushion, Capcom will be releasing two types of "Rockmanju," Rockman-themed manju sweets.

The pun (which goes beyond just merging Rockman and manju -- "Ju" is Japanese for 10, you see!) isn't all that's sweet about these treats. Check out the packaging:

The top package, for the Shiroan version of the treat, uses the box art from the original Rockman. The bottom version, for the Koshian version of the treat, uses Rockman 10 package art (of course, Rockman 10 is a download title, so there's no actual box art).

Each package includes six treats. Each treat is wrapped in film with the image of Rockman, Roll and Dr. Light.

If you're lucky, you'll find a 1up:

Capcom released a couple of comic balloon images in which Professor Light and Roll state that there are secrets both in the Rockman 10 logo and on the box itself. For the box secret, they suggest opening the package from the reverse side.

The Rockmanju items will be available starting tomorrow (March 6) for ¥630 at Kotobukiya, Asobit City Akihabara, Softmap shops, and Gamers shops.

Capcom is doing a whole lot more to promote Mega Man 10 here. Recent revelations include a soundtrack, a campaign exclusively for PS3 players, and a tie-up campaign with Nico Nico Video.

The soundtrack is titled "R10 Image Soundtrack." The second Mega Man 10 soundtrack, it will feature 21 song arrangements, primarily from members of the Inti Sound Team, which includes the sound creators for most of the past Mega Man games. The soundtrack will also include two vocal arrangements.

That awesome box art is from illustrator Koji Izuki.

You'll get your Mega Man art fix in the soundtrack's 28 page booklet as well. It includes 16 black and white pages of Mega Man 10 manga art, along with commentary from the composers and arrangers who worked on the Mega Man 10 project.

Look for the soundtrack on April 30 at ¥3,000.

The PS3-exclusive promotion will give Mega Man 10 buyers a chance to win a Game Archives version of Mega Man 3. All those who buy Mega Man 10 between the March 9 launch day and March 23 will be entered into a drawing for one of 50 "copies" of the game.

This promotion is particularly interesting because Mega Man 3 isn't actually available for Game Archives yet. Capcom confirms that the game will be available for all to purchase in late April.

Finally, the oddest of the promotions. Capcom is teaming with Nico Nico Video's still picture site Nico Nico Pictures (Betcha didn't know they had one of those! I sure didn't...) for a Mega Man 10 box art design contest. Submissions, being accepted through April 20, will be posted at the Nico Nico site for viewing in a slide show, and winners, announced on April 30, will get prizes. Further details can be found at the official Mega Man 10 site.

The Nico Nico tie-up will also include a live broadcast of a program to commemorate Mega Man 10's release. This will air on March 11 at 22:25. Visit the live broadcast page to view then.

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