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Get a Job at Mario Club

Nintendo begins recruiting for new testing subsidiary.

Mario Club is located here.

In September of last year, Nikkei reported that Nintendo would be spinning off its quality control division into a new subsidiary to be called Mario Club. Today, we have a followup courtesy of the new company itself.

Mario Club opened a corporate website today. The site offers a corporate profile along with recruitment information.

Yes, its official name is "Mario Club." According to the company information page, Mario Club is a publicly traded company that's 100% wholly owned by Nintendo and headed up by CEO Kenji Miki. It was officially formed in July 2009 and has capital of ¥405 million. The corporate office is located in Kyoto's Higashiyama Ward, not too far off from the main Nintendo corporate headquarters.

Primary business, according to the corporate page, is debugging and testing for game machines and game software.

As of January 1, 2010, the company had 295 employ, but they seem to be hiring. The recruit page seeks part time employees to work on debugging at ¥950 per hour.

I'm pretty sure McDonalds pays more, but at least you get to say you work at Mario Club.

Inside Mario Club.

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