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Check Out Makoto's Combos

The last of Super Street Fighter IV's SFIII characters. Is a new character unveil on the way?


Capcom appears to be clearing up all the loose ends for Super Street Fighter IV. Today, it provided its media update for Makoto. The official developers blog will, tomorrow, see an update on Dudley.

Thursday will see an update at the official site along with an one-day-early update at the weekly blog from assistant producer Natsuki Shiozawa. This type of update schedule usually means a new character unveiling, so be on the lookout for the usual Famitsu leaks on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Now on to Makoto's media update. Below, you'll find videos of the SFIII character's two Ultra Combos along with screens showing her special moves.

Ultra Combo 1: Seichusen Godanzuki (正中線五段突き)


Ultra Combo 2: Abare Tosanamikudaki (暴れ土佐波砕き)


Other Moves and Super Combo

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