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Nippon Ichi Hopes to Make Absolute Hero Modding Project into a Series

Producer touches upon sequels and download content at demo event.

Absolute Hero Modding Project

Nippon Ichi's latest PSP title is due out this week in Zettai Hero Kaizou Keikaku, translated in some circles as "Absolute Hero Modding Project." If things work out for this title, it looks like sequels could be on the way.

As reported at Gpara.com, producer Sohei Shinkawa touched upon a possible sequel during a fan Q&A session at a demo event over the weekend. He explained that he'd like to make Absolute Hero Modding Project into the first entry in a series, to be followed by sequels that possibly swap out the "Hero" for something else.

Absolute Hero Modding Project is Nippon Ichi's first dungeon RPG. One of the main selling points for the title is its level of customization. You can customize your character's looks, move set, theme song, and even home base.

Shinkawa said that he'd like to release a variety of titles with the naming theme of "Zettai XX Kaizou Keikaku," or "Absolute XX Modding Project." You'll have to substitute the XX for whatever you like, as the Gpara article doesn't list any examples from Shinkawa.

Also during the Q&A, Shinkawa touched upon the possibility of download content for the game, something that would seem like a perfect fit for a game whose focus is on character customization. There are no plans for download content at this point, said Shinkawa, as they've filled the game with content from the start.

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