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Yakuza Teams with Vanquish

This headline is not meant to mislead in any way.


Sega really ought to have announced this latest Yakuza 4 collaboration last week for maximum confusion.

Yakuza 4 will be teaming up with Vanquish. No, not the new Shinji Mikami third person shooter, which Sega is publishing. The Vanquish for this deal is an apparel maker.

As part of the latest collaboration for the highly anticipated PS3 sequel, Vanquish has created a Yakuza 4 themed shirt with just a little bit of Engrish. The front of the shirt says "Keep your eye on fellows" (The Japanese translates to "don't take your eyes off those guys"). The back says "Four Dogs," in reference to the game's four main characters, whose names are listed on the tag.

Look for this shirt on March 13 at Vanquish shops throughout Japan. The shirt will also be sold through online shop The Corner. Pricing is set at ¥5,040.

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