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Konami Releasing Trick Game

Developer behind the Detective Saburo Jinguji series working on DS adaptation of popular drama.


A DS title based off the Trick drama series was revealed via the drama's website a few weeks back, but it's only today that we're getting an official announcement from the game's publisher.

And that publisher is... Konami. The title of the game is Trick DS Version: Kakushi Kami no Sumu Yakata (roughly "The Mansion In Which the Hidden God Lives").

You take control of physics professor Jiro Ueda and magician Naoko Yamada, respectively the hero and heroine of the drama, in an original story that's being supervised by the drama's staff. You'll have to gather "evidence cards" in order to solve the various mysterious that you encounter.

Trick's developer is Work Jam, studio behind the Detective Saburo Jinguji series.

A release is set for May 13 at ¥5,250. The newly opened official site has... a big egg.

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