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Retailer Reports Lighter PS3 On the Way

Sony to shave a couple hundred grams off system and change model number.

Sony appears to be readying a slight PS3 hardware update.

A retailer is reporting today that Sony will be giving the PlayStation 3 a slight weight reduction from its current 3.2kg to 3.0kg. This will be accompanied by a change in model number from CECH-2000A to CECH-2100A.

It's presumable that, aside from just the weight, something else has changed inside the system. Sony often makes minor hardware adjustments, changing the model number in the process.

The retailer expects Sony's PS3 shipments to switch to the new version in March.

This retailer also reports that Sony will be ending shipments on its Bright Yellow PSP-3000 model. The retailer notes that this was the least popular of the PSP-3000 systems at its shop.

As always, you should probably treat these types of random retail reports as rumors. Although, they usually end up being correct, so if you want a yellow PSP, or if you have some sort of weird console weight fetish, you should probably act quick.

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