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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2nd -- The D-Pad Icons Explained

Sega details the sequel and the sweet bonus item.


First screens of Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd came out through Famitsu and Famitsu.com last week. Fans immediately spotted a curiosity about the gameplay shots:

Notice the arrows? It looked like the Project Diva sequel would be getting a shot of complexity with an additional four buttons via the d-pad. The original used just the face buttons.

It turns out that there's actually more to the d-pad inputs than just additional button options. Sega provided clarification in its general announcement of the sequel which came as part of the Hatsune Miku concert event in Odaiba yesterday.

The standard rhythm mechanics still use just the four face buttons -- circle, square, x and triangle. However, you now have the option of using the d-pad in their place. This is being implemented to make the game compatible with play through either hand (presumably -- or hopefully -- with lefties in mind).

D-pad inputs are also used for the new simultaneous button press gameplay. This requires that you press the d-pad simultaneously with the corresponding face button -- circle with right, for instance.

As previously detailed, Project Diva 2nd also adds long button presses. Some icons will require that you press and hold a button.

In addition to the control clarification, Sega shared details on the other areas of the game, including song selection and character customization.

The game will include around 30 new songs, mostly popular songs from online sharing sites like Nico Nico Video. So far, only two songs have been announced: "Romeo and Cinderella" and "magnet" Songs from the original will have new note sets.

The "Module Convert" part of the game, which lets you change Hatsune Miku into a variety of "module" costumes, will include all the modules from the original along with a large number of new designs. There will be around 100 modules in the sequel.

Sega also revealed that the game's theme song will be sung by Ryo. As a pre-order bonus, Sega will be including a Nendroid Plus figure. An image for the figure was not revealed, but you can see a silhouette at Dengeki.

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