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Yakuza: The Beauty Clock

Those lovely Yakuza 4 hostesses will be appearing on your iPhone through Bijin Tokei.


Have you heard of Bijin Tokei?

"Bijin" is Japanese for "Beauty," like a hot chick. "Tokei" is Japanese for "Clock," like the thing that tells time.

Put the two words together, and you get the name for a digital clock app that switches between images of hot girls every minute. You can buy the app for your iPhone, add it as a widget to your computer, or just access the Bijin Tokei website (available in both English and Japanese -- the girls are the same).

Normally, Bijin Tokei gets its pictures by sending representatives out on the streets of Harajuku and Shibuya to snap photos of attractive ladies on the spot -- after asking for permission, of course.

The latest batch of girls are a bit more professional. Sega announced a tie-up today with Bijin Tokei for Yakuza 4. Of course, this involves those seven girls who won a contest last year to be hostesses in the game. Starting today, photos of the seven girls will be appearing on Bijin Tokei.

Noa Mizutani (in the green skirt below), Shizuka Saito (in the Japanese clothing) and Moya Mori (blonde hair) get the honors first. Sega will be adding the other girls as Yakuza 4's March 18 release approaches.

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