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Atelier Rorona Returns on PS3

Gust publishes teaser ad; full unveil coming in two weeks.


Looks like Atelier Rorona is all set for another HD adventure. This week's Dengeki PlayStation has an ad that seems to be teasing a new PS3 entry in the series.

Atelier fans are reporting that the ad shows a grown up Rorona and a town that's different from the first PS3 Rorona game, which hit in 2009. Text in the ad says things like "I'm home," "I've grown tired of saving the world," and "I wonder if I've grown up a little." There's also a strange bit of text that says "Atelier Rorona on PS3" with "blu ray" written in small print below the PS3.

The ad says to check the issue of Dengeki PlayStation that's due out on March 27 for further details.

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