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Atlus and Sting Bring Yggdra Union Prequel to PSP

New strategy title on the way for late Spring release.

This screen is from PSP's Yggdra Union, but the sequel has a similar screen layout during battle.

PSP owners will be getting the next entry in the line of strategy titles that has brought us Riviera, Yggdra Union and Knights in the Nightmare. Blaze Union: Story to Reach the Future, just announced in this week's Famitsu, is a prequel to Yggdra Union, with the same setting and similar gameplay systems.

Blaze Union is set in the Bronquian Empire in an era prior to the Bronquian Empire seen in Yggdra Union. Misgovernment has lead to a fall in security in the empire. You play as Garlot, a red-haired protagonist who leads her "Blaze Knights" in protecting the citizens from the empire.

For the new title, developer Sting will be retaining Yggdra's tactics cards and union systems. When heading out to battle, you select your units, choosing from a variety of classes with varying properties. You also select your tactics cards, which you draw at each turn to determine your moves. The union system lets you line up with your allies to form "unions," opening up additional attack options.

New gameplay features mentioned in the Famitsu article include brand new tactics cards. The game will also offer a tutorial mode, allowing beginner players to get right into battle.

Blaze Union was unveiled for the first time in this week's Famitsu, but the magazine reports the game as being 100% complete. A release through Atlus is set for May 27 at ¥6,279

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