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Super SFIV's Hakan Runs a Cooking Oil Company

More details on the final addition to the Super cast.


Famitsu.com managed to quiz Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono on Super's newcomer character Hakan at the Game Developers Conference earlier today. In case you missed that, here's a summary.

The character also saw a full reveal in this week's Famitsu, complete with additional details that clarify a bit of what Ono said in his interview.

Ono mentioned something about Hakan being CEO of an oil company. This is true, except it's not the petroleum type of oil company. Hakan's company makes cooking oil. Hakan searches for the various oils of the world, both for profit and out of just sheer interest.

The tiny bio in Famitsu also says that Hakan is a caring father and a famous Yagli Gures wrestler. The Yagli Gures Wikipedia entry says that participants douse themselves with olive oil. Hence the sport is also known as "oil wrestling."

It seems that all of Hakan's moves have oil names. Here's what's listed in Famitsu.

  • Oil Sliding
  • Oil Rocket
  • Oil Shower
  • Oil Dive
  • Flying Oil Spin (Super Combo)
  • Oil Coster (Ultra Combo 1)
  • Oil Combination Hold (Ultra Combo 2)

See... "oil" in everything!

I imagine people have been able to see many of these moves in motion from videos taken at GDC. Capcom will also be updating the Super SFIV official site tomorrow presumably with videos and further details on the character.

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