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Nintendo Seminar DS Titles Detailed

Download free student DS projects via your Wii.


Nintendo has shared details on this year's batch of Nintendo Game Seminar student game projects that will be distributed to the masses as free downloads.

Nintendo Game Seminar is a ten month development course funded and run by Nintendo. Participants take instruction in all areas of game development from game development professionals. They eventually split into teams to work on an original DS project.

The 2009 installment of the Game Seminar program kicked off in April. Today, Nintendo provided details and screens on the four resulting projects.


Genre: Shooting Where All You Do is Draw. Use the stylus to draw lines and eliminate baddies who are attempting to dirty up a picture book.

Doumo DS Desu (unofficially, "Hello, I'm DS")

Genre: Communication with "Him." The description for this is written like a letter: "Hello! My name is DS. I normally run the game machine before you, but I also sometimes want to play games, relax my tired body and, above all, talk to you. I look forward to spending the next three days with you."


Genre: Rhythm Adlib Game. Enjoy music with a variety of sea creatures. Slide the stylus to make your own adlibs in this new type of rhythm game.

Tentsunagi (unofficially, "Connect the Dots")

Genre: Connecting Action Puzzle. Use the stylus to draw lines and connect mysterious creatures named Ten-kun who are born from ink.

These four will be offered as free downloads via Wii's Everyone's Nintendo Channel, DS Station and Nintendo Zone over the coming weeks. DrawDrawPenner became available for download on Everyone's Nintendo Channel yesterday.

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