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Level-5 CEO Tweets About White Knight 2, Expansion Plans, Perpetual Flight

Twitter quickly becoming the source for Japanese gaming news.

White Knight Chronicles 2 shots shared close to last year's Tokyo Game Show.

Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino is on Twitter. He's just like Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima and Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada (they're all fellow followers, by the way).

In a Tweet from earlier today, Hino wrote about White Knight Chronicles 2, a sequel we haven't heard much about since last year's Tokyo Game Show.

Wrote Hino: "At the office, development on White Knight Chronicles 2 is approaching a climax. Initially, there were problems with tempo and balance, but after a recent play test, it has become extremely good."

He also (in the same Tweet -- Japanese Tweets can contain a whole lot of info) indicated that the game must fully address some of the issues from the original.

With the original White Knight now available in international markets, perhaps we'll be getting a long awaited update on the sequel, or maybe even a release date.

Hino posted this sudden White Knight Chronicles 2 Tweet from San Francisco. This trip to America will include a visit both to SF and Los Angeles, he Tweeted when departing from Narita.

In all these Tweets, Hino didn't actually mention the Game Developers Conference, which is now running in SF. Instead, he says that he's going to be doing some work related to Level-5's overseas expansion plans.

Busy, busy Hino made use of his time over the Pacific to work on a scenario of some form. He apparently made enough progress that he wished he could constantly be in flight.

[Seen at Game Jouhou! Game no Hanashi]

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