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Media Create Sales Chart Updated

Pokemon Ranger beats out .hack//Link for the top spot. Keroro RPG is this week's bomba.


Save a few ordering changes, this week's Media Create sales chart mirrors the Enterbrain chart shared earlier in the week. Now we have some figures to go along with the rankings.

Pokemon Ranger was easily the top selling game for the week, its 161,000 sales beating the next three titles combined. .hack//Link placed second in its first week with 60,000 sales, enough to best Dragon Quest IX's Ultimate Hits budget re-release.

Some life-to-date sales figures were notable this week. Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, PS3-only here in Japan, topped the 200,000 mark. Friend Collection looks like it could be three (or maybe two, if the game proves to be a hot White Day gift item) weeks away from reaching 3 million. New Super Mario Bros. Wii may top the 3.5 million mark next week.

A bunch of games debuted outside the top 10. Most notable was Keroro RPG. Namco Bandai combined a popular manga and anime license with the Tales series linear motion battle system, and the resulting game debuted down at 14.

An Xbox 360 game managed to beat its PlayStation 3 counterpart. The 360 version of Bioshock 2 debuted at 25. The PS3 version did not chart. It's actually not uncommon for foreign games to perform better on the 360.

For the full chart covering March 1 through March 7, see the rankings page.

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