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Marvelous Promotes PSP and PS3 Titles with Retail Magazine

Open up that naughty cover for a sneak peak at the No More Heroes bonus item.


This is how Marvelous Entertainment is promoting its PS3 and PSP titles:

That's the cover of the first "Mavege Magazine," which is short for Marvelous Entertainment Games Magazine. This new seasonal retail PS3 and PSP magazine saw its first issue hit select game shops yesterday.

The first issue is 8 pages long. Its cover story is a feature on PS3's No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise. Also included is information on PSP's Fate/Extra, Ikki Tousen Xross Impact and Katei Kyoshi Hitman Reborn! Kizuna no Tag Battle.

They even managed to work PS3's Red Seeds Profile in there, even though Japanese humor blogs are making fun of it due to the atrocious overseas reviews.

If you've been keeping up with developments for No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise, you'll recognize the magazine's cover, as it's the cover of the art book PS3 owners get when they pre-order the game. Xbox 360 owners get a different cover for their art book.

The magazine's No More Heroes feature includes a couple of sample images from the art book: Holly Summers from Tsukasa Kotobuki and Doctor Naomi from Shirow Miwa. The sample images Marvelous sent out are unfortunately missing the good parts, so you'll have to pick up the magazine for yourself if you want a sneak peak.

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