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Nintendo Details The Last Story's Setting

Official blog introduces Ruri Island and suggests a strong fantasy theme.


Nintendo kicked off the promised official blog for The Last Story today. The game's director, who goes unnamed in the post, writes about the game's setting in a post titled "Island." Here's a quick summary.

The Last Story is set on Ruri Island. The island is located at the entrance to a harbor, the sole harbor of a continent that's surrounded by mountains. This content is home to an empire.

As the central point of transportation and defense for the empire, the island is a place of great power and wealth. It holds massive cannons and is home to soldiers ready to defend against enemy invasion.

Ruri City, on the island, has benefited from the island's wealth, in contrast to the rotting lands of the empire proper. The city apparently has a mysterious power which makes the beasts gather around it at night.

"No one knows the fate of this island, which is about to change greatly," finishes the post.

The director's post mentions one character, a Count Arganon. Lord of the island, he differs from the carefree nobles who reside within the Empire in his great ambitions. He fully understands the importance of "power," and the value of magic for attaining that power.

The game's producer (it's unclear if this is necessarily Hironobu Sakaguchi himself) also contributes a little to the post. He writes that a common understanding between members of the development staff regarding the world of The Last Story is that it's "A world with little steel." The staff imagined a recognizable world with science fiction elements suppressed.

"We'd like you to enjoy Ruri Island, bathed in abundant sunlight, and the story that unfolds there," finishes the producer.

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