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Hakan and Chinese Food at the Super Street Fighter IV Blog

Find out about Hakan's choice of oil brands and Ryu's choice of sauce for his noodles.


We were all expecting this week's Super Street Fighter IV blog post to cover the newly unveiled Hakan character. But assistant producer Natsuki Shiozawa also offered up a surprise: a first look at some upcoming Super SFIV collaboration items.

There isn't much new in the post as far as Hakan details go. Nakky (that's what people call Shiozawa) reveals that the oil Hakan covers himself with is oil made by his own company (you'll recall that Hakan is CEO of a cooking oil company). He has one particular hate: fire.

Prior to the fight, Hakan douses covers himself in oil, like so:

As detailed yesterday, Hakan isn't just a CEO with a talent for oil wrestling. He's also a good father. His catch copy translates to "The Good Father Who Drips With Oil."

Artwork for Hakan showed him playing with seven kids as a lady watches from off in the distance. Nakky confirms that the lady is his "extremely beautiful" wife, and that the kids are his "extremely cute" kids.

Now that all 35 characters have been revealed, we can at last get some official artwork showing everyone together. Visit the official site's character section and you'll be able to download a wallpaper with the whole cast assembled.

Outside of the Hakan update, Nakky also provided some first details on Super SFIV's collaboration with Chinese restaurant chains Benitora Gyoza Bo and Wan Zhu Ji. She'd confirmed in a previous Q&A that the collaboration, which was first used to promote SFIV's home release last year, would be reprised for Super's release.

The menu for the Super collaboration has been decided, writes Nakky. The menu will offer 10 items that the staff believes will please both those who thought the SFIV items were too spicy and those who loved how spicy they were.

Nakky introduces three items: Ryu's Curry Noodles (uhh... do those combine?), Chun-Li's Red Tenshindon (a crabmeat omelette on rice) and T.Hawk's Octopus and Squid Chili Chow Mein. (I'm not sure about my translations for some of the food names.)

As with the first collaboration, those who place an order with the restaurants will get a special collectable item. The original collaboration featured character cards as the bonus item. The items this time are special pin badges showing your favorite Super characters. There will be a total of 8 badges, given at random.

The collaboration will be held from April 7 through May 31. However, timed with the national tournament, Capcom will offer the items in advance at the Wan Zhu Ji in Akihabara on the 4th.

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