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Dead or Alive Paradise Demo Now Available

Head to Paradise by way of 4gamer.


Tecmo's Dead or Alive Paradise demo is all set to hit PlayStation Store later today (March 12). Can't wait for a sampler of DOA babes in bikinis on the go? Then turn to 4gamer, which managed to get the demo in advance!

According to the site, the demo lets you try out the Gravure Mode, where you get the girls to wear your choice of bikinis and snap pictures of them in a variety of situations. The demo offers Hitomi with two bikinis and three situations.

You can't play beach volleyball, which if I recall correctly is how this offshoot of DOA first started. And you can't head to the casino for blackjack, which -- let's face it -- is how you'll probably spend 99% of your time with the final. The demo doesn't even let you save the pictures you take!

But who's complaining? It's Hitomi, and she's willing to change her swimwear for you! Get downloading now!

To make the download, click the pinkish button beneath the red warning message midway through the page. Unzip the downloaded file on your PC, and you'll end up with a "PSP" folder. Copy the folder to the top level of your PSP's Memory Stick.

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