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Atelier Rorona is All Grown Up

Official artwork surfaces for the new PS3 Atelier Rorona game.


A new Atelier Rorona PS3 game is going to be unveiled in a couple of weeks. But the Rorona in the new game is not the little girl you remember from the first PS3 Rorona.

Back then, she looked like this:

All grown up, she looks like this:

Timed with the release of Dengeki PlayStation today, Dengeki Online posted the Rorona image. The print version of the magazine has a few additional images showing what some fan sites are reporting to be a new town.

In the magazine, all the Atelier Rorona coverage is in the form of a teaser four page ad. Dengeki's editorial coverage of the new PS3 game will begin in two weeks.

Here are some shots of the first PS3 Atelier Rorona. The first shot shows Rorona with her mom and dad.

Rorona with her parents.

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