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Check Out the BlazBlue Continuum Shift PV

Get a glimpse at all the new modes for the home version.


The BuruRaji BlazBlue fan event a few weeks back saw announcement of a release date for the console versions of BlazBlue Continuum Shift. You can now see how that announcement was made, as someone has YouTubed a promotional video that was shown at the event.

View it here:

In addition to the July 1 date, the 2 minute clip details the various modes that players can look forward to in the home.

Under the network area, in addition to online combat, the trailer mentions the ability to view and even record online matches. The specs section at the end of the trailer mentions that this mode is compatible with up to 6 players.

There's also mention of the scenario mode. This is returning from the home port of the original BlazBlue, and will feature greater volume, along with twice as much animation from animation house Gonzo.

New modes include a tutorial in which Rachel teaches you everything from the basics of 2D fighting to BlazBlue specific systems, all in full voice. A new Challenge Mode gives you over 300 character-specific challenges that can help polish your technique.

Tutorial and scenario modes.

At the end of the trailer, we're introduced to the "Limited Box" limited edition, which includes a script replica, a "super picture label" for the game disc, a special box, the BlazBlue Visual Book featuring character illustrations, and a Noel Nendroid Puchi (whose final design still hasn't been shown). Both versions of the game will include a drama CD for pre-orderers.

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