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Level-5 Planning New Title Announcement for April

Akihiro Hino is a busy CEO, but not too busy to Tweet!

Hino (center) poses with the Layton cast at last year's Level-5 Vision press conference.

Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino revealed via Twitter earlier this week plans for a new title announcement to be held in April. "Once this is announced," he wrote, "it will become an extremely anticipated title."

In the same Tweet, he said that he expects some to question the company announcing new games when many of its previously announced games are still unreleased. The development team for the new title is different, he said.

Regarding a couple of those other titles, Hino said in a later Tweet that he's still working away at the scenario for the next Layton game. He also recently had to do some checks on the text that will be used for voice recording for Inazuma Eleven 3. He's currently working on the planning and script side of four titles simultaneously.

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