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BlazBlue Continuum Shift Announcement Coming Later This Month

Producer ready to announce a feature he "really wanted to do" for home version of 2D fighter.

The latest in HD 2D fighting hits in July.

You've seen the BlazBlue Continuum Shift console trailer. You've even visited the game's official site to see the same trailer edited to play the console version's new theme song.

Think you've seen all there is to see regarding the home version of the arcade fighting sequel? Think again! Arc System Works apparently has more announcements planned for the game.

BlazBlue producer Toshimichi Mori posted a Tweet on the 13th promising an announcement "of great interest" regarding the home version's content. The announcement will take place later this month. Wrote Mori, "I believe there will be differing opinions about it, but it's something I really wanted to do."

Continuum Shift hits Xbox 360 and PS3 on July 1. The home version adds a new character and new tutorial and challenge modes. Many of the features of the original's conversion, including a lengthy scenario mode and animation from animation house Gonzo, are also being readied.

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