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You Can Park in Yakuza 4 Too

If only you could drive...


This latest Yakuza 4 promotion would make a bit more sense if the Yakuza series actually let you drive cars:

Those ubiquitous "Repark" parking lots will be appearing in Yakuza 4. Sega announced the tie-up today with Mitsui Real Estate Sales.

As with most Yakuza tie-ups, this one goes both ways. Repark parking lots will appear in Yakuza 4's Kamurocho city. Real world Repark lots will feature special Yakuza 4 billboards stating "Repark has opened in Kamurocho."

If you want to see the billboards for yourself, you'll find them at parking lots located at Ikebukuro Station East Exit, Shibuya 1-5, Shibuya 3-3 and Shibuya 3-4.

Yakuza 4 hits on the 18th.

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