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Hironobu Sakaguchi... Still Has a Goochstache

He also has a sweet original Yoshitaka Amano drawing.


Ladies and gentlemen, do not panic! Final Fantasy creator and Mistwalker CEO Hironobu Sakaguchi still has that macho mustache of his -- the "goochstache," as some like to call it.

There was apparently somewhat of an uproar over this issue recently when Sakaguchi posted this at his Twitter:

Did the Gooch loose the stache? It turns out no. In a later Tweet, Sakaguchi revealed this to be just a bit of digital editing in Apple's Aperture 3.

So, Sakaguchi still looks like this:

Which means he still looks like this fresh off a surf:

And like this when rendered to PSP spec (in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep):

Outside of frequent posts to his Twitter, Sakaguchi has been continuing to make posts at the Mistwalker blog, complete with occasional references to his new Nintendo tie-up RPG, The Last Story.

The latest post at the blog doesn't have much to do with The Last Story, but does have something of note for fans of artist Yoshitaka Amano:

Sakaguchi took that picture of a picture while walking around his house (presumably in Hawaii). That's an original Amano drawing, given to Sakaguchi 16 years back. Apparently, while they were working together one day, Sakaguchi told Amano to make him a drawing for his daughter's birth. Sakaguchi had meant it just as a joke, but Amano actually ended up following through with the above drawing.

Writes Sakaguchi: "I like this picture as much as I like the picture of the giants from FF1. They both have the birth of something very special engraved in them."

[seen at Game Jouhou]

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