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Hakan Gets the Spotlight at the Super SFIV Blog

Cooking oil gives advantages, and not just in the kitchen.


The Super Street Fighter IV development blog closed off last week with some hints that, following a few sessions about SFIII's Makoto, Ibuki and Dudley, we'd be getting a look at some of the original SFIV cast members. That was all apparently a red herring. This week's entry is, of course, about the just-announced Hakan.

In the hot seat this week was the usual Super SFIV director Taisaku Okada. He was joined by a Mr. Sano, Hakan's battle planner (presumably the same Mr. Sano who's in charge of Dudley and Ibuki).

The two first discussed how the Hakan character came to be in Super. According to Sano, when they first started work on Super, they decided initially that they'd add two new characters. As development progressed, they figured it would be good balance to have one female and one male character. Pretty early on, they decided to make the female character, Juri, the game's main character, but finalizing the setting for the male character, Hakan, ended up taking quite some time.

A few considerations went into Hakan's setting and fighting style. They wanted to give his fighting style a fresh taste, and decided on something that they'd previously not used -- Turkish oil wrestling, or Yagli Gures. This style has visual impact, said Okada. It was also important that the style is from Turkey, as they wanted to get a character from rarely used areas.

They had some difficulties in putting Yagli Gures in the game. The toughest part was getting information and resources about the fighting style, said Okada. However, the designers were quite excited about it, as they felt that it's a style with a lot of impact and would be interesting in a game.

In the early phase of development, they had a number of ideas for how to incorporate oil into the fight. One suggestion was that both combatants slip and slide from the oil. Another suggestion was that Hakan be easier to burst into flames through Dhalsim's Yoga Fire.

Sano joked that many ideas came to mind, but most of them resulted in a disadvantage for Hakan. In the end, said Okada, Hakan became a character strengthened in various areas thanks to being covered in oil.

One such bonus comes from Hakan's Oil Shower move, the move that Sano mentioned when asked for a recommended move. This is an important skill -- so important that you can't win the battle without using it, said Sano. Oil Shower basically gives a boost to Hakan's abilities. After you've used the move, the damage from Hakan's other specials increases. His grabbing range also increases.

The biggest change with Oil Shower, however, is that you can move left and right when charging up your Focus Attacks. You can use this to close the gap between your opponent, or move away from your opponent while fully charged.

The original blog post contains lots of additional details on the character, including some explanation about producer Yoshinori Ono's recent comments on Hakan being targeted for mid to high level players. Those who want the details should probably check Shoryuken for the expected translation.

Missing from this week's blog post is a discussion of Hakan's unique look and sound. That will come next week.

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