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Downloadable Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Confirmed

PSP go finally gets access to PSP platform's top selling title.

It's no Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, but 2nd G (Freedom Unite in the West) is PSP's biggest game.

Capcom's official release schedule accidentally let slip word yesterday of a downloadable version of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. Today, Capcom followed through with an official press release confirming the news.

As detailed yesterday, MHP 2nd G will see download release via PlayStation Store on March 18. Pricing is set at ¥1,600, down a bit from the current ¥2,100 pricing of the retail version.

This news is important for one reason in particular: PSP go. While PSP-3000 has remained atop the hardware sales charts for most of the year, its download-only counterpart has performed the same feat with the bottom of the charts, selling between 1,000 and 2,000 units every week -- lower than Xbox 360 and even the aging PlayStation 2.

With over 3.6 million units shipped in Japan alone, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G is by far the PSP's best selling title. PSP go buyers will at long last have access to the PSP platform's killer app.

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