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Sony Bundles Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G with PSP go

Campaign kicks off as download version of PSP's best selling game sees release.


Did you think the concept of a "pack-in" would be completely gone with the appearance of download-only platforms like PSP go? Sony and Capcom apparently don't agree.

Coinciding with Capcom's announcement today of a downloadable version of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, Sony announced that it will be giving away the game to new PSP go buyers. Starting March 18, PSP go buyers will receive a product code which can be input at PlayStation Store to download the game at no cost. The campaign will last until product code tickets have run out.

On its own, MHP 2nd G's download version will cost ¥1,600 when it hits PlayStation Store on March 18.

For those who have any strange ideas, the code will be usable exclusively on PSP go and will not work on any other variants of the PSP.

Sony noted in its press release that Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G has, as of December 2009, shipped 3.8 million units domestically. Strangely, Capcom's press release announcing the downloadable MHP 2nd G listed a more optimistic "above 3.6 million."

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