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White Knight Chronicles 2 Update

Meet two new cast members, and get a glimpse at some of the combat changes for Level-5's anticipated sequel.


Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino recently said via Twitter that development on White Knight Chronicles 2 was about to reach a climax. This appears to mean that we won't have to wait too long for a release! Famitsu.com and its print counterpart have provided long awaited followups on the title, complete with mention of a summer release time frame.

The focus on the Famitsu.com coverage is on two new characters: Miu and Scardyne.

Miu is a 15-year-old girl who loves fighting. As the granddaughter of former Foria leader Duke Durham, her life was in danger. Miu is voiced by Rie Kugimiya.

Scardyne is a Forian general. He leads Miu to safety following an internal disruption in Foria. They meet Leonard and friends along the way and the whole group ends up traveling together. Scardyne in voiced by Keiji Fujiwara.

You can get a closer look at these characters at Famitsu.com.

Miu (left) and Scardyne (right).

The print version of Famitsu provides a further look at the White Knight Chronicles 2 battle system, which the magazine says has improved dramatically over the original. The improvements include visual updates, with new visual effects for your attacks, and new gameplay systems.

As with the original, you'll switch battle between human and giant knight form. In human form, you deplete MP to perform skills, and create your own combos for combat. In giant knight form, you make use of your tremendous power.

New features for the sequel include a greater sense of speed thanks to an updated action gauge and the addition of dash and charge commands. You'll find a greater number of special commands when combating in knight form. The sequel also adds weapon-specific skills, which the magazine says will help make the role for each character clearer. The game's location-based destruction system has been updated, putting greater importance on weapon type.

Level-5 is also giving White Knight 2 "Live Talk," a system that's featured in other RPGs from the studio. As you move around and engage in combat, your characters will automatically make comments depending on the situation.

The magazine also makes vague reference to such new features as counter attacks, the "notion of distance," and "free defensive timing." Additionally, screenshots and Famitsu's accompanying speculative captions hint at some other features: a new "song" skill, some sort of "Turn Brake" command, and an "anger mode" for enemies. Some shots show enemies surrounded by a red circle.

Joining the new battle system, White Knight 2 will include additional monsters and fields. The magazine shows monsters who are capable of casting summons and making use of parameter changing attacks. The magazine also hints that fields may have seasonal and weather effects.

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