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Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2: Wi-Fi Combat Detailed

Face off against friends and unknown opponents over Wi-Fi.


Square Enix has shared details on the multiplayer combat modes for Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2.

DQM2 lets you raise and combine monsters who can then be taken out on your adventures. You can also use the monsters in wireless fights with your friends.

When playing locally, one player serves as the parent machine and selects an option to "seek out opponents." The other player serves as the child machine and selects an option to "search for a fight."

Setting up a fight (left) and searching for a fight (right).

The parent machine gets to set the rules, selecting from standard rules, a special SQEX rule set, or a custom rule set. For custom rules, you can set round count, strategy options, rules for swapping out monsters, and time limits on command input.

Setting up rules

Prior to starting battle, you can set up your party and standby team members, select equipment, and set up AI strategy.

Setting up your team.
The battle screen.

Square Enix has also given DQM2 full Wi-Fi support, allowing you to fight over the internet. You can select to battle friends or battle against an unknown opponent.

As usual, the friend fights require that you've first exchanged friend codes with the other player. You can input the codes manually. Alternatively, you can face off against a friend in wireless combat and have the codes be exchanged automatically.

Trading friend codes.
Selecting an opponent type for Wi-Fi play.

When selecting to battle an unknown opponent, you're able to select your opponent's location and strength. After setting these parameters, you tell the game to search for an opponent, then wait for matching to take place.

Wi-Fi combat.

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 hits on April 28.

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