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First Look: Chaos Rings

Square Enix shares official media, opens an official site, and promises a worldwide release.


Square Enix formally unveiled its new iPhone/iPod touch RPG Chaos Rings today. First details on the game leaked out earlier in the week through Famitsu.

Chaos Rings is an original RPG from Media Vision, developer of the Wild Arms series. The game is being produced by Crystal Defenders producer Takehiro Ando. It features character designs from Final Fantasy VII character designer Yusuke Naora, a scenario from 428 scenario writer Yukinori Kitajima, and sound from composer Noriyasu Agematsu.

The game's story surrounds a tournament called Arka Arena. Five teams of two from around the world are brought there for a forced fight to the death. As detailed in Famitsu, you'll take control of your pair of choice, travel to dungeons, fight enemies and bosses, and unravel the story's mysteries.

Square Enix opened an official site for the game today. The site is home to a first trailer, which you can see here:

The trailer shows the game's 3D visuals, which seemed to impress Famitsu's editors following an early play test. The game uses a mix of 2D and 3D visuals. When moving about on fields, characters are 3D with 2D pre-rendered backgrounds. In battle, everything is in full 3D.

In addition to combat, the trailer provides a sampling of the game's story, complete with a vocal theme song. The trailer says that the game has four scenarios telling the story of four pairs of men and women.

The trailer closes off with "Available Soon on the App Store," suggesting that a release isn't too far off. As expected of an iPhone title, that release will be a worldwide one, Square Enix's press release announcing the game confirmed.

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