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Shinji Mikami Counts Down to April Fools Day

Teaser site opens for "Mikami Shinji Project."


Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami opened up about his new development outfit Tango in an interview in this week's Famitsu. Want to learn more or maybe even apply to work at the new studio? Looks like you're to have to wait a few weeks.

Mikami opened a teaser site today, presumably for the new company. The site, accessible via the "mikami-project.com" URL shared in Famitsu's story, seems to be counting down to an opening on April 1st at midnight.

Beneath the phrase "Mikami Shinji Project" and the counter, the page shows a world map and the word "International." These doesn't seem to lead anywhere at present.

Mikami also made brief mention today of the new studio via his recently opened Twitter account. The new company's name is Tango, he wrote, adding that the name was arrived at because it's easy to understand, sounds good, and is easy to remember.

Interested parties should check the mikami-project site early next month to see what the Resident Evil creator is up to when he's not working on Platinum Games' Vanquish.

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