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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Gameplay Movie 2 Hits

This time, two players get in on the sneaking action.


The second in a series of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker gameplay clips hit today. Stream the full 10 minute clip here:

The first video showed solo play. This one turns the focus to two player play, one of the new play styles for Peace Walker. We get to watch "Dai" play alongside "Lets" in a two player co-op session.

The Kojima Productions blog notes that there are new items in the trailer. It also says that we're only seeing just a bit of the game.

Our next look will presumably come next week. In a Tweet from earlier today, Hideo Kojima said that he's yet to record play footage for the third clip. As you might expect, the third clip will feature three player cooperative play, and it's apparently difficult to take footage of this.

After finishing the third video, he'll be moving on to the fourth video. The fifth video, however, requires some editing, so they're preparing it in advance.

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