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Media Create Sales Chart Updated

Pokemon Ranger beats out all the new comers. Summon Night and GTA Chinatown Wars go bomba.


The rankings page has been updated with Media Create's sales data covering March 8 through March 14.

Similar to the Enterbrain chart, the Media Create chart has Pokemon Ranger at top, its two week total taking it above 220,000 units.

There are some ordering differences after that, though. Friend Collection and New Super Mario Bros. Wii took second and third place in the Media Create chart, beating out newcomers Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikida 3D (the next entry in the "Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman" series) and Dynasty Warriors Strike Force 2. The positions were reversed in the Enterbrain chart.

Other titles debuting in the top 10 this week included Absolute Hero Modding Project for PSP at 6, the PS3 version of Battlefield Bad Company 2 at 7 and RPG Maker DS at 8. The 360 version of Battlefield Bad Company 2 debuted at 14.

This week's bombas were Summon Night Grantese and the PSP version of Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars. Summon Night, from Namco Bandai for the PS2, placed 26. Chinatown Wars, published by Cyber Front, failed to match the success of past GTA games.

The latest Summon Night.

See the full Media Create software chart here.

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